What a dump…





…Let there be www.Tom’sBin.comAnd there was Tom’s binAnd it was a total piece of s**t dumpAnd it was good... you have found a website that is going to waste your and my time in a good way (maybe). The purpose of this dump is to have a fun and document gameDev progress as a journal for self reflection and acquiring writing skills along the way. I hope to make interesting and insightful texts about my progress, game reviews and anything that would be interesting to share. There might be more interests which may crawl out from time to time.


Some of my old goals and paths had to be closed or postponed all because I caught Lyme disease and I am currently dealing with after effects of the infection for 2.5+- years now. On the good news I am severely slowly getting better so I don’t plan to just give up on life like that. I will make this space a creative outlet and even if it fails or has no attraction it’s not going to be a problem. If you have ideas share them so I can steal them. I hope we will all find interesting content here.


There are two places in my life I felt that I have chance to succeed is trading stocks and forex markets (I suck at it) and gameDev (I suck at it too). I was always fascinated by good game story. The ones that stuck in my mind the most are Mass Effect 1/2/3, Frostpunk, Telltale Series of TWD, Telltale Batman, The Wolf Among us, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear, Dragon Age and many more. When I was a kid they thought to me teamwork, communication (my English language is better than some native speakers I have met throughout my life lol) and was fun way to spend time.


I have practiced in Unity Engine while I was serving in armed forces. But never managed to make anything besides prototypes which have been deleted long ago and a hobby lost due adult life. I hope this internet address will serve you some fun, interesting stories and thoughts that will inspire or entertain you. It is demanded that you have a nice day. Bye



By Tom

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